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Genius Investment Group Limited

An independent limited corporation formed in 2010. We specialize in quantitative investment and have developed hundreds of low-correlation strategies. Our investing vehicles include S&P500 ETF stock SPY, S&P500 E-mini future, future options, Foreign Currency, Bond, China Commodities (all types), and other diversified fields which typically tend to produce low correlation to traditional asset classes. Our primary goal is to achieve consistent absolute returns in all likely market scenarios and/or to provide added-value as a diversification to portfolios that already have other assets. We offer a variety of money management products and focus on helping our clients to manage their assets in a life-long safe and happy manner, instead of chasing for short-term high returns. Risk control is our Over-All management rule. Genius Investment Group Limited takes greatest care on limiting risk in order to generate the highest quality of risk-adjusted returns for our clients. We have extremely strict 24/7 programmed risk-control and real-time stop-loss monitoring. We emphasize on making slow but steady growth in diversifying market and products and are truly proud of our low volatility management. Our management team consists of the following persons: Chief Executive Officer: Aoan (Aaron) Zhu Chief Information Officer: Peng Cheng Chief Strategy Officer: Ning Zhu Chief Operation Officer: Leo Zhu Chief Financial Officer: Joanne Chu Vice President Asia Pacific: Hongliang Huang Risk Control Manager: Jianping Zhu Risk Control Manager Asia Pacific: Irene Zhu Client Service Manager: Season Chen

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