Frequently Asked Question

What is the difference between CTA and CPO?

A CTA manages several individual accounts that belong to their clients, while A CPO manages a single account that is a pool of money from others. Our company is managing the account as CTA.

What is your investment concept?

We think the market is dangerous. We should place greatest emphasis on risk-control in order to generate the highest quality of risk-adjusted returns for our clients. It is the most important.

How do you control your risk?

We have 24/7 risk-control and stop loss program. Additionally, We have risk-control department in different time-zones around the world to make sure the trades are monitored.

What is the minimum investment amount?

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Recommended Investment Amount (for lower trading cost): $500,000
Minimum: $200,000

What is the management fee?

The advisor may receive a management fee based on your account’s Net Asset Value as of the close of business on the last trading day of each month. Any management fee charged will be paid whether or not trading has been profitable.
The advisor may share a portion of its fees with third parties in accordance with regulatory standards.

How can the client invest you?

For the fund in USD, the client, with some limitation, is free to choose their Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) and Introducing Broker (IB) under their own name. We will use a "give-up" arrangement in which all trades are executed through one or more Execution FCM(s)/Broker(s) of our choice and then cleared by the client's FCM.

What is the difference between Conservative Investment, Growth Investment and Aggressive Investment?

Our investment strategies are serving the investment objectives of our clients. We have the corresponding investment strategies based on our clients' different investment needs.

The character of conservative investment strategy has less financial risk, but their profitability is relatively lower.
The character of aggressive investment strategy has higher financial risk, but the profitability is relatively higher.
The character of growth Investment strategy is bounded between conservative and aggressive strategy, the risk and return are also in between.