Program 1: Bear Advantage Robot 2, S&P 500 Long & Short

Program 1: Bear Advantage Robot 2, S&P 500 Long & Short
  • Hundreds of strategies, with low correlation. Very small drawdown, very small market impact, very large capacity.
  • Very small, or even tiny weights are distributed to each strategy, according to their historic performance and their potential highest possible risk.
  • Relatively very small position is established against each trading signal based on different strategies.
  • Extremely low margin percentage, due to maximum consideration of disaster protection.  This program is designed to be capable of easily handle a disaster like 911, 2008 crash, or 2010 flash crash.
  • Higher gain potentiality in bear market, due to specially designed protection in worst market situation, and robot trading’s intrinsic advantage against human being in bad mood and annoying situation.
  • This program seeks long-term probability win in an extremely or even excessively protective mode, therefore, the Advisor reserves the right to maintain significant amounts in cash.
  • Investors aiming for high annual return may provide a written request to use up to 400% leverage. However, investors shouldn’t rely on past performance to judge future returns.