Sustainable Reward 6

Sustainable Reward 6

Sustainable Reward 6,  Stock Index Future Option Selling

This Strategy writes call and put options on index futures.  The strategy’s core conception is like insurance selling. While many people is afraid of the risk of high volatility of the market and seek protection by buying call or put to hedge their stock position, this program thinks differently and does the opposite.  We make profit by offering protection for certain distance of market move within a certain time period, and most of all, by strictly controlling risk to stay within a certain acceptable range.  When extreme market movement happens, we have a strict stop-loss system for protection.  Meanwhile, we use different kind of hedge protection to ensure the stability of the account net equity. By using advanced computer skills, we dynamicly control the best neuatralization and balance of the Vega, Gamma and Delta.  We use a quantative standard to control the risk factor within a comfortably small range. Our distinctive feature includes:

  • Quantatative-support for position enter and close, instead of relying mostly on discretion.
  • 24/7 program risk-control and stop-loss. Managers in different time-zones around the world to be endlessly phone-call alarmed simultaneously whenever 1% equity loss happened, until necessary action is done in accordance with preset trading discipline.

The advisor may also take outright positions in the underlying future contract. The Advisor reserves the right to maintain significant amounts in cash, particularly when the Advisor believes a client account should follow a temporary defensive posture, or when the Advisor determines that opportunities for investing are unattractive.

Recommended Investment Amount (for best hedging protection): $1,000,000   Minimum: $200,000