Program Trader

13620 38th Ave, 11F, Flushing, NY 11354

  • Ability to analyze market data and construct and innovate trading strategies. It is essential to have a quantitative background to be able to utilize the necessary tools for understanding and creating trading strategies.
  • In-depth understanding of the market structure and fundamentals for the products traded.
  • Clear communications and coordination with European and Asian hour shifts.
  • Operating various front/middle office and risk-management software for trading sessions. All execution is fully automated but requires managing our proprietary software and risk management. All strategies and software is built in house.
  • Understanding strategies, bringing innovative ideas and enhancements and creating new strategies are essential. Data analysis and programming skills are imperative.
  • We are looking for reliable, energetic, highly professional individuals who will help manage all aspects of the trading activity for the firm.
  • Good communication skills and overall good judgment and common sense are necessary.
Bachelor's Degree
Excellent Pay
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