We apply ourselves to deliver the dynamic research of the trends in money market; the purpose of our research is to see where we are, understand how we got there and forecast where we're going ... and to provide insights and directions to help better prepare for what the market may bring us. We make use and develop the tool of quantitative analysis and psychological analysis to build trading system and risk control model.

The main business is investment management private equity funds. Our company's philosophy believes in automated management of quantitative investment, abandoning human factors, and any investment decision must be supported by historical backtesting; strategy application adopts full market, multi-variety, multi-cycle, small positions; 24 automatic liquidation protection; teamwork encourages open strategies with different voices and different backgrounds.

We have self-developed strategy investment research system and transaction execution software. Most of the company's main management personnel have many years of advanced foreign quantitative investment technology and experience, and have carried out investment management under the strict supervision and help guidance of the parent company's decades of senior investment managers on Wall Street, and achieved excellent management performance.

Self-developed Intelligent Automatic Trading Server
1. Full compatibility: Compatible with various interfaces, can trade all varieties on the market

2. In-depth database: Discover and intercept deep transaction data

3. Artificial intelligence: Computer vision, deep learning, etc., multi-level assistance and evolutionary model training

4. Secret weapon: US leading technology to process TICK data and implement mid-to-high frequency strategy, and there are special systems to automate stock trading under the premise of regulatory compliance
Market Research