Aaron Zhu

Aaron Zhu

Chief Executive Officer

The Advisor’s principal, Aaron Zhu, is solely responsible for managing the day to day operations of the Advisor, as well as its trading strategy and trade execution.  Meanwhile, he has two assistant traders and two risk-control officer respectively in US and China to monitor the risk-control process 24 hours a day.  He also has a team of five quantatative researchers using advanced automatic statistics and optimizing. These  researchers, all graduated from top ranking universities in China and US,  has been providing Mr. Zhu strong support by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

Mr. Zhu was graduated from the Chemistry Department of Jilin University, China.  One of the top universities in China.  The Chemistry Department ranked No. 2 in China when Mr. Zhu was in university.  Mr. Zhu was admitted to the Chemistry Department of Jilin University with the Top-Honor scholarship for his best academic achievement.

After graduated from the university, in 1993, he set up his family business Aoxiang Man-made Wood Board Factory in China, he managed hundreds of employees and made his 1st fortune in his life.  He sold that business in 1999 with a good price.   He then soon opened an international trading company in Hong Kong, Chak Cheung Company Limited.  In 2001, he decided to close the Hong Kong company because of his father’s health problem.  He was so deeply depressed by his father’s leaving him in 2002 that he decided to take a long rest.  Since then, Mr. Zhu focused mostly on the research of doing money market trading, while used his free time to help his family members in China for some textile business.